Lead Inspection

Need a Lead Paint Test near Rockville, MD?

If your home was constructed before 1978, it should be inspected for lead paint. Lead-based paint is a common issue in older properties and can be harmful to your health. Lead can contaminate surrounding areas and properties if not handled properly. Here at Nooks & Crannies Property Inspection, LLC, we offer professional lead paint tests and inspection for properties in and around the Rockville, MD area. Our inspector will thoroughly inspect the home’s interior, exterior, piping, soil, etc. Call now to learn more!

Protect Your Home from Contaminants
Lead-based paint was popular in the past because of its durability and for how quickly it dried. Later, it was uncovered that lead is highly toxic, posing a health risk. High exposure to lead can cause damage to your body, which is why it is important to get your home tested. Nooks & Crannies Property Inspection, LLC is here to ensure your home is in good and safe condition.


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